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Toenail Bracing for Deformed, Involuted or Ingrowing Toenails 


• Toenail Bracing is an alternative solution for patients who may not be suited for ingrown toenail surgery due to any of the following issues: needle phobia, diabetes, pregnancy or breastfeeding, age, vascular disease.

• Toenail bracing is a painless procedure that requires no anaesthetic, and no recovery period, and eliminates the risk of an ingrown toenail infection.  

• Toenail Bracing is a process in which a titanium wire and hardened composite material are applied directly to the nailbed to lift the sides of the nail and cured with an LED light. 
• This process ensures that the nail remains in the correct shape as it grows from the base of the nail to the end, thus reshaping the pathway for the new nail growth.


How does Toenail Bracing Work? 

• The entire Toenail Bracing process can take up to one year with the titanium wire being reapplied every 8-12 weeks, depending on the natural growth rate of your nail. 

• This is a long-term commitment.  The titanium toenail brace is designed to allow for your natural toenail to regrow in the correct position.

• At the follow-up procedures the existing titanium wire is removed and a new one is applied further down the nailbed to continue to encourage the correct growth pattern. 

• Upon completion, the composite is removed, and the nail continues to grow naturally.


Who will benefit from Toenail Bracing:

  • Ingrown toenails not suitable for surgery
  • Involuted or “Pincher” type nails
  • Split toenails
  • Deformed toenails

Care of your Toenail Bracing 

  • Immediate return to normal activities 
  • No restrictions 
  • If required, you can trim your own toenails as usual
  • Nail polish can be used, however not a Gel 

How much does it cost?

Nail Bracing - Initial Appointment  $100 for one toenail 

                                                       $150 for two 

This appointment does not include any general podiatry services but is only for Nail Bracing.  Please allow 40 minutes for your appointment. 

Nail Bracing - FU Appointment      $80 for one toenail 

                                                      $120 for two

This appointment does not include any general podiatry services but is only for Nail Bracing.  Please allow 20 minutes for your appointment