Pamper your feet with our medical pedicure, a specialized treatment designed to enhance your foot health and well-being. Our experienced Foot Health Practitioner employs a meticulous dry pedicure technique (no soaking) using sterilized instruments to ensure the utmost safety and hygiene.


What's Included in Our Medical Pedicure?


Thorough Nail Care: We meticulously trim and file your toenails, ensuring they are shaped and sized appropriately to prevent ingrown nails.

Callus and Corn Removal: We carefully remove calluses and corns, the hardened layers of skin that can cause discomfort and pain.

Skin Condition Diagnosis: Our trained foot health practitioner assesses your skin for any abnormalities, providing expert advice on maintaining healthy feet.

Foot Massage: Indulge in a relaxing foot massage to stimulate circulation, alleviate tension, and promote overall foot health.

Optional Nail Painting: If desired, you can bring your own nail polish for us to apply, ensuring your feet are not exposed to potential contaminants.

Benefits of Our Medical Pedicure:


Improved nail health and prevention of ingrown nails

Smoother, softer skin free from calluses and corns

Enhanced circulation and reduced foot pain

Early detection of skin conditions and personalized foot care advice

A pampering and rejuvenating experience for your feet



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