Fungal Nail Treatment- Clearanail®

Clearanail is a pain free procedure where our highly skilled Podiatrists use a specialized drill to make multiple tiny holes into the affected toenail/s which then allows the topical antifungal solution to penetrate to the source of the infection in the nail plate.


Initial Appointment

-          New Patients are booked for an Initial 30-minute Assessment Consultation

-          The Podiatrist will assess the affected nails to confirm that the Clearanail procedure is the best course of treatment for the patient’s condition

-          A simple test maybe performed to confirm the presence of fungal elements – this is important as nails may be thick or discoloured for other reasons eg.      Psoriasis or injury

-          Once confirmed that a fungal infection is present the treatment appointment can be booked


Treatment Appointment

-          The treatment is a one-off session taking 40 – 60 minutes

-          It is painless and the Clearanail machine has no contra-indications for use so is totally safe for anyone

-          The Clearanail machine drills tiny 0.4mm diameter holes into the infected nail plate, allowing the topical antifungal solution to reach the site of infection. The controlled device only penetrates where the infection is located ensuring no damage to the nail bed below.

-          Visible results are seen within 2-8 weeks


Post Treatment

-          Daily application of the recommended topical antifungal solution is required

-          To achieve the desired results, it is essential that the patient treatment instructions are strictly followed for up to 3 months

-          The Podiatrist will book a review appointment 6 weeks post treatment

-          Additional follow up appointments are at the Podiatrists discretion and will be charged separately

-          Included in the treatment cost is a single bottle of Rejuvenail treatment solution to be applied as instructed and our Sterishoe service (UV sterilizing unit) to sanitize up to 3 pairs shoes.